Kindergarten Secured Entrance Door

Escape door-locking device for nursery schools with Security Door Closer. The locking element is powered and controlled via the Escape Door Control Terminal. Even children can release the door at any time using the emergency button.

MEDIATOR® - the self-locking escape door lock with electric strike is approved for use on escape routes and in fire and smoke protection doors. Door is also equipped with a Security Door closer with Cam-Motion® technology.

Typical applications: Education, Nursery School, Kindergarten, School, Health Care


Hardware Set

• MEDIATOR Mortise Lock, mechanical, Standard: DIN EN 179 & 1125
• MEDIATOR Electric Strike with Face Plate
• Security Fittings, ONE System (Handle Inside + Fixed Knob Outside), Standard: DIN EN 1906, DIN EN 179, DIN 18273
• Security Door Closer, Non-Hinge Side, Standard: EN 1154, EltVTR
• Escape Door Control Terminal, Standard: EltVTR
• Push Button Inside
• Push Button Outside
• Digital Time Switch
• Key Switch Outside
• Power Supply